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To help celebrate the momentous occasion which is Ivy League Records entering its 15th year, the powers that be have decided to share some fruits of the ‘machine’s’ labour. This fruit is Ivy League’s 15 Year Reign of Terror, a digital 25 track compilation available NOW via iTunes.


This very special collection boasts tracks from 25 artists spanning the life of Ivy League. From the first signings John Reed Club, 78,Saab, Hoolahan and Youth Group, to Josh Pyke, The Vines, The Mess Hall, Lanie Lane, Alpine and the label’s newest signings, The Rubens and Sures. Each track has been handpicked by the trio who first set the Ivy League Machine in motion in 1997; Andy Cassell, Andy Kelly and Pete Lusty. What began as an innocent attempt to release decent indie music in Sydney has developed into a monster that cannot be stopped!


Track Listing


1. Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight

2. Youth Group - I Don't Care

3. 78 Saab - Smile

4. The Vines - She Is Gone

5. Lanie Lane - To The Horses

6. Alpine - Villages

7. Deep Sea Arcade - Outlands

8. Red Riders - Ordinary

9. The Silents - Astral Child

10. Josh Pyke - New Years Song

11. Catcall - Swimming Pool

12. The City Lights - Everyone Out

13. The Rubens - Don't Ever Want To Be Found

14. Cabins - Hounds

15. Wons Phreely - Tonight

16. Hoolahan - Starts Over Again

17. Toby Martin - Everything At The Same Time

18. Woe & Flutter - I Think I'm Fine

19. Sures - Poseidon

20. Bridezilla - Brown Paper Bag

21. The Mess Hall - Keep Walking

22. Monarchs - 2001

23. John Reed Club - Destroyer

24. Sparkadia - Morning Light

25. Neon - New Direction



Out NOW via iTunes



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